Add possibility to create Business Card WITHOUT allowing access to all contacts

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Currently access to your contacts is needed to auto-update your Business Card(s). A new option should be included, to create a Business Card without having to allow access to your contacts.
This could be either done with a form, where all information has to be input manually, or with a contact picker similarly to the photos picker (when selecting your photo for the card).

Technical clarification: when selecting the photo for your card, YOU are the one accessing the Photos app and choosing the one photo you want DejaView to use. That's it - there isn't a connection established between the Photos app and DejaView, DejaView has just received the photo and can't access the Photos app on its own. Therefore you are not asked for "permission to access Photos app" - this simply is not necessary for DejaView to work.
You could replicate this behavior for contacts as well, and DejaView will just receive the one contact you selected and want the app to use, nothing more. BUT in order to auto-update your card, DejaView would need to access contacts on its own and therefore needs permission to access your contacts.

I will further investigate solution two: pick a contact similar to picking a photo - so your Business Card can be created without you having to input data into a form, BUT this card won't auto-update because of missing permission to access your contacts.

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Shows Promise, but has a HUGE privacy issue

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For privacy reasons, I shouldn’t have to share my contacts. Please allow the option to manually input your contact information into the business card. Can’t use your app until this is resolved.

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Boris from DejaView

Thanks a lot for your feedback and sharing your concerns.
While the app only accesses the specific contact, you use for your Business card, and everything is stored on your device only - never leaves it, is never processed outside your device; I can understand your concerns.

Because after all, it is all about trust. As end user you can't really prove, that what the developer is telling you, is actually happening - you have to trust the developer and the app. And this sometimes can be hard.

So, what happens in the code? Access to your contacts is needed to auto-update your card, once changes to your contact occur.
While e.g. for the photos app iOS offers to select only specific images to share with an app when the app asks for access to your photos, this isn't the case with the contacts app. When an app ask for permission to access your contacts, it is "all or nothing" - you have to deny this request or allow access to ALL your contacts.

As your information never leaves your device and DejaView (while having the permission to access all your contacts) only accesses the contact you have connected to your DejaView Business Card, I never saw that as a problem.

But: I got your point. So for better clarification, I changed the title and description of this request, while keeping your original message at the end of this post.

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